Dr. J. Bruce Stewart

I am Dr. J. Bruce Stewart - CEO of Small World Solutions.

About Me

I was formerly the Deputy Director Training, Compliance, and Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and was responsible for the coordinated implementation of the President Obama’s Executive Order on Diversity and Inclusion.

My Story

I designed, developed, and implemented several initiatives to ensure government-wide progress on diversity and inclusion. These initiatives included authoring the first-ever government-wide diversity and Inclusion strategic plan as well as the associated 47-page implementation guidance.
I was the chief architect of an innovative new way to measure inclusion (The New IQ) that has been adopted government-wide, developed a 6-step change management process course with over 600 government-wide change agents graduates, and designed, implemented, and managed the first-ever Feedback Assistance Roundtables (FAR). A government-wide diversity and inclusion accountability audit process.

I retired as a Lt Colonel from the United States Air Force in October 2007, after 23 years of service. During his service he was attached to Air Force Special Operations, served as a Management Engineer, and was a Computer and Communications Commander. My last assignment was as the Air National Guard’s (ANG) Director of Cultural Diversity Transformation.

I has served and been involved in numerous Leadership and Diversity initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. I have lectured on diversity at several educational institutions including MIT, Harvard, and West Point.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Friends University, and a Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University.  I serve as an Adjunct Professor at American University in the KEY Leadership Program.

I authored a book on diversity leadership titled, “Cultural Leadership: The New Chemistry of Leading Differently.” And, has a second book scheduled to publish next titled, “The Plus Effect: Why Some Team(s)Work and Others Don’t”.

Summary of Experience

CEO Small World Solutions
It is a management consulting firm specializing in inclusive diversity, leadership, and team development.
Chief Strategist of President Obama’s Executive Order 13583
Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.
Provided training and consultation services to a broad range of scientific and technical organizations
To include the National Science Foundation, Center for Disease Control, Federal Drug Administration, NASA, Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Geological Survey, Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, Department of Energy, and Office of Science and Technology.
Co-Chair Whitehouse initiative on “Increasing Women and Minorities in STEM by Reducing Bias.”
Selected as one of 15 experts from around the country to participate in Whitehouse roundtable discussing best strategies for creating inclusive workplaces. Additionally, served on several intergovernmental diversity committees including appointment as an advisor to President Obama’s Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) which sought to increase diversity within the military.
Served as Acting Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management, Federal Government
Had direct oversight on the strategic implementation of the Government-wide Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan across all Federal sectors.
Chief Architect of government-wide new initiative to measure and train inclusion called “The New IQ”
And the associated change management strategy known as “Game Changers.” To date these courses and new mindsets have revolutionized the diversity and inclusion field and have resulted in better collaboration and improved government-wide scores in inclusion.
Coordinated, collaborated, or provided technical assistance to all cabinet-level government agencies
To include the Departments of State, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Defense, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Energy, Veteran’s Affairs, and Homeland Security.
Delivered lectures on the importance of diversity to MIT, Harvard, & West Point faculty and students
Discussed the science behind inclusive intelligence and behaviors, psychological safety, and the possible implementation of 4- Drive Leadership theories in the Air Force with renowned Harvard Professors Edgar Schein, Nitin Nohria, and Paul Lawrence

Relevant Publications:

  • 2011 “Government wide Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan” Office of Personnel Management
  • 2011 “Government wide Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan” Office of Personnel Management
  • 2014 “Conference Presentation on Diversity and Inclusion” at Diversity in Government Conference
  • 2014 “The New IQ: A New Kind of Intelligence for a New Kind of World” Federal Manager’s Magazine
  • 2016 “Increasing Women and Minorities in STEM by Reducing Bias Report” Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • 2016 “Government wide Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan” Office of Personnel Management
  • 2019 “The Relationship Between the New Inclusion Quotient (IQ) Index and the Twin Challenges of Problematic Behaviors and Under representation in the Federal Government” Northeastern Library Digital Repository Service


  • Doctorate Degree Law & Policy Northeastern University
  • Master of Science (MIS) School of Business, GPA 4.0
    Friends University, Wichita, KS
  • Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering Technology
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Il
  • Air Command and Staff College of the Air Force (Master’s Level)
    Mobile AL
  • Squadron Officer School, Air Force, Mobile Al
  • Personnel/Manpower Officer School Keesler AFB
  • Equal Opportunity Advisor Course EEOC, St Louis, MO
  • Certified Diversity Practitioner Course, Souder and Betances, Chicago, Il
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